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A week of dance transformation

Day 1 * We start and open this training with an Ecstatic Dance in one of the biggest venues for this form in Europe: Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam.

Day 2 * The his/her/our-story of Ecstatic Dance and the Basics: building community amongst ourselves and in the places we want to manifest our Ecstatic Dances; creating safe space for dancers to get wild and free; finding a space and other basics to hold an Ecstatic Dance event.

Day 3 * Hands-on practice in leading a ceremony, creating a ritual, facilitating a class/warm up to bring the people to an open state before the dance. Ending our day at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam.

Day 4  * Music: choosing the right music for every crowd, learning about the effects of music on a dancer's body and how to go with what is in the room while gently leading it.

Day 5  * Building a community and leadership: learning about personal leadership; plus: how to bring diversity in awareness, build bridges with already existing communities and work with the footprints of community.

Day 6 * Troubleshooting: what can go 'wrong' and how to navigate these situations.

Day 7 * Integration day: harvest of our week together; how do we move from here and which seeds do we want to plant for further collaboration; ending with a closing ceremony.

The program will be flexible and organic. During this training we will keep our intention and attention open to see where the needs of the group and individuals are.

At the same time, it will be an intense week - with a lot of information and practice. We recommend that you give yourself this entire week for your own training, growth and learning process to become an Ecstatic Dance leader and that you keep your evenings free. On several of the evenings we will be going to witness, participate and some of you even lead an Ecstatic Dance. When you return home, you will have the tools needed to create a thriving dance community in the spirit of Ecstatic Dance.